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BO: Helping Hand from Joe
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size: 145mb
length: 22 minutes
posted: 2021-09-30
starring: Bo
Straight off base, Sgt. Bo is a beefy and tatted 24-year-old Marine stud from the tiny state of Rhode Island who stands at 5'9" and weighs in at 160 lbs. Bo is just a few weeks away from getting out of the Marine Corps after 5 years of service and 3 deployments overseas. Sgt. Bo invited the Major to drop by his apartment just outside the main gate to stroke his massively thick devildog cock for the Major's ever-ready camera and pick up some extra cash for an upcoming rock concert. Sgt. Bo participated in football and pole vaulting during his high school years and packs a very impressive and amazingly girthy 7 inches of Marine meat.

You've met Sgt. Bo (not to be confused with Guest Director Mike's Army Corporal Bo who you met last week—how many Bo's are there?) a few weeks ago, but this time he's back IN UNIFORM. And pretty soon, out of it.

I shot Sgt. Bo on a recent trip I took to the East Coast with Joe from My Straight Buddy. Usually I shoot alone, but Bo and Joe got along like gangbusters and so this time Joe was in the room helping out. So when I noticed that Bo was flagging a little, I asked him if he wanted any help, knowing that Joe would be all too happy to step in and give an assist to a fellow veteran.

At first Sgt. Bo was apprehensive about the idea. He's never actually had a guy touch his cock before, and he was deeply unsure if he wanted to start now. Even when I gently pressed him, he was doubtful. But I knew that if I could get him to try it, he'd like it! So I asked him if he'd ever had a happy ending massage. He had. I told him Joe gives great happy endings, and after just a little more convincing he relented.

Joe was as amazed by Bo's huge throbbing cock as I was, he told me later it was like 'staring into the sun'. Still in his USMC cover and with his cammies down around his ankles, Sgt. Bo quickly adapted to having his artillery serviced by his fellow vet and newfound friend. With his huge thick cock being caressed by Joe's expert hands, I asked him if had a name for it.


And what do your buddies call it?

"Beer Can."

Next I had Bo kneel on the edge of the bed so Joe could come up at him from behind. You'll wish Joe's hands were your hands as he runs them all over Sgt. Bo's thick muscular body and lightly haired chest. And you'll love the look on Sgt. Bo's face as Joe's expert hands take him to a place he never thought he'd go!

With Joe pumping that steel-hard cock like his life depends on it, the time soon comes when Sgt. Bo is overcome by pleasure and he busts a huge salty load which Joe is more than happy to lick up as a reward for his hard work. He does love eating Straight Marine cum. And I know that Sgt. Bo enjoyed it too, because next week on My Straight Buddy you'll see what happens when he comes back to experiment some more with his new-found friend.

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