Download video of naked marines on Straight Off Base
Baird & Jax
length: 16 Minutes
posted: 6/1/23
starring: Jax

Straight off base, USMC studs and best battle-buddies, Corporals Baird and Jax report to the Major’s penthouse quarters to do a webcam show for several of their online friends and a female Marine who observes from immediately behind the Major’s webcam. They hop into the quarterdeck jacuzzi to get the action underway while stroking and... continued

Special Ops: Shawn
length: 20 Minutes
posted: 5/25/23
starring: Shawn

Straight off base, studly Marine SGT. Shawn drops by the Major's penthouse before attending a special event and decides to rub one out for the Major. SGT. Shawn slowly removes his crisp uniform and begins to stroke his thick cock before busting his Marine nut on his richly-tanned stomach and savoring its salty taste with his finger.

length: 16 Minutes
posted: 5/18/23
starring: Ryker

Straight off base, Sgt. Ryker, is a super ripped and muscular 21 year old Marine stud from Indiana who stands at 5'11" and weighs in at 185 lbs. Ryker returns to the Major's quarters to lube up his hard Marine cock for the Major's webcam and entertain a few of his online friends. Sgt. Ryker was a state multi-championship wrestler during h... continued

length: 29 Minutes
posted: 5/11/23
starring: Adam

Straight off base and fresh out of the Corps, Adam is a ripped and tatted Marine veteran who visits the Major�s penthouse to do a webcam show with the Major�s directorial assistance. Adam proudly sports a thick 8 inch uncut cock and enjoys chatting with and posing his well-muscled body for his webcam audience until he busts a nice thi... continued

length: 22 Minutes
posted: 5/5/23
starring: Tyler

Straight off base, Tyler, a lean and wiry Marine who wrestled in high school, swings by Major Wood's penthouse and submits himself to the Major's very experienced and firm helping hand! This little Devil Dog explodes a massive cum load across the bedroom!

length: 13 Minutes
posted: 4/27/23
starring: Decker

Straight off base, Lance Corporal Decker, is a beefy 20-year-old Marine who stands at 5’10”, weighs in at 175 lbs and hails from the state of Idaho. He swings by the Major’s quarters after duty to rub one out for the camera and pocket some extra cash for the weekend. Decker played football and track and field back in his high school... continued

length: 27 Minutes
posted: 4/20/23
starring: Brice

Straight off base, Brice, a 19 year old former champion high school wrestler and now a stud Marine, drops by Major Wood's penthouse to stroke his big cock and willingly submits to the Major's firm and magical helping hand! Brice shoots his thick load across the bed while arching his back in orgasmic pleasure!

length: 19 Minutes
posted: 4/13/23
starring: Kent

Straight off base, Marine Lance Corporal Kent, swings by the Major's penthouse on a sunny San Diego Saturday afternoon to watch some hot porn and bust his nut before heading downstairs to the beach. LCPL Kent is a hot ginger who stands at 5'6", weighs in at 145 lbs and is a former high school wrestler stud from the East Coast. He lost his... continued

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